Safeguarding Your Affiliate Promo Code During Offline Promotions

A week ago I was visiting with my mother when she shared with me that she had placed a telephone order for a product that was inside a flyer. She was describing her elation with her new purchase when I interrupted her by inquiring her if she made certain to have the operator the promo code which was marked on the flyer. She stated “Oh, the operator asked me about a code, but I did not really know what she was talking about, therefore i didn’t give her one”. We asked to see the flyer and sure enough, there was a promo code, however it was small and seemed minor. I explained to my mother how the person who had sent her that will flyer did not receive credit (or a commission) for the order she had placed because she overlooked to give the operator the Promo Code. She felt bad that the hard working affiliate did not make money from the girl order, but there was nothing that could be done now, the company had already placed her order and would get to keep all the profit for on their own. It is important that affiliate marketers not allow this to happen to us.

Online marketers can lose commissions on product sales if your clients don’t know Your Promo Code when they call in an order. As affiliate marketers we must explore each avenue in search of a sale. Which means offline as well as online marketing. This really is most important in a tough economy. Nevertheless , there are many affiliate marketers that lose their own commission to the parent company, mainly because the person calling in an order, doesn’t know where or what an affiliate promo code is. It is always best if we can get our clients to order from our affiliate web page to ensure that we are certain to get credit for the sale. But this is not always useful, so , what steps can we take to protect our code and thus, our commission.

1 . When you make up flyers, brochures, newspaper ads, etc … always give your Promo Program code a position of prominence. Don’t overload, just make certain that it is easy for a client to see when they phone in an order.
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2 . Always place your Promo Code right next to the toll free order phone number. That way it will be tough for your client to ignore when they call in the order.

3. Remind your clients to mention your Promo Code. You could include a statement to this effect; “To be certain you get the perfect price (service, the correct product, etc .. ), Be Sure to Mention Promo Code XXXXX, when placing your order”. In other words, don’t be shy about telling people how to use your promo code, or you will lose a commission.

4. Always make certain that your affiliate webpage is easy to find and encourage your clients to place their order on the Internet, instead of by phone. Computers tend not to lie or steal, if an individual places an order through your affiliate marketer portal, you will be credited for the selling and commission.

I can only hope that my elderly mother provides learned a lesson about making certain that an affiliate gets paid for their own time and energy whenever she orders a product. And I can only hope that this will teach us, as affiliate marketers, to always give Prominence to our Promotional Codes so that we get paid upon every sale that should belong to us. Good things happen for those who are diligent.

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