Electric Chimneys

When you hear of chimneys, the picture that forms in your mind is that of a long, dusty metal chute above the fireplace, usually the way Santa Claus uses to slide in on Christmas! Well, chimneys have come a long way since then! Today you can incorporate an electric chimney in your home, in your kitchen, so you can get rid of unwanted smells while you cook.

Cooking, especially Indian meals, emits all sorts of aromas. While some delicious ones can be delightful, most smells are better left in the kitchen only. Exhaust fans were earlier used to suck out these aromas, but they are extremely slow and render ineffective is the smells are too strong. Electric chimneys, on the other hand, are placed strategically, right over the stove. So, even the slightest of aromas get quickly sucked in, leaving your kitchen absolutely smokeless. This even prevents harmful spicy fumes from getting into your eyes.

There are two types of electric chimneys that you can choose from – traditional and designer. The former is for utilitarian users, which means they focus basically on performance. Designer chimneys combine performance with good looks that add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. For Indian cooking, it is advisable to go for a chimney with higher suction capacity of odor and oily vapor, since it includes a lot of frying.

The best electric chimneys are not big and bulky like one would imagine. Made purely of stainless steel, they are, in fact, very sleek and go well with almost any kitchen décor. They are conical shaped with two filters: grease and charcoal. These chimneys are fitted with a motor that ensures fast suction of gases around, with minimum noise. They are installed using chimney pipes that come with the purchase. Most chimneys also come with a lifetime warranty.

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Most of these brands charge extra for installation. The most preferred brand of all is Faber, with over 42 varieties of chimneys on offer. Online electric chimneys prove to be a great option. You will be able to find chimneys to suit almost any budget, with prices ranging from 4000 to even 1 lakh rupees. You can buy electric chimneys from a good internet shopping portal that may even offer great discounts on the best brands.


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