6 Steps to Hiring the RIGHT Freelance Article writer

Finding a freelance writer can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of freelance writers available, hailing from more countries compared to you’d likely expect. The pay out range varies wildly and it is reasonable to assume the talent degree will too. So how do you find the right freelance writer for your particular task?

Below are six proven steps to assist you to narrow down the right kind of freelance article writer for your job.

1 . Evaluate the Project You Are Hiring For

Be honest with yourself about the project you might be hiring for. Do you need an official, well trained writer (who would have finished the previous sentence with “for which you are hiring”), or someone more colloquial in tone? Does it actually matter if your writer is a skilled expert?

It’s easy to think that of course the skill level of your writer matters. Nevertheless , if your content is required for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (search engine optimization) purposes, you might not be right. If you are looking for keyword-rich content to push your website to the top of the search engine results, then quality may not be things you need. Instead, focus on quantity of material. Main point here: if search engine spiders are going to encounter these articles more often than humans, quality can take a back seat to quantity.

However , if your project is something that represents you or your company, and that can make or split your credibility, then you can’t afford to have anything less than top quality. Badly written website content, articles, notifications, white papers, media briefs, and so forth will reflect badly on you as well as your business.

2 . Evaluate the “Fit” of the Freelance Writer

Once you’ve determined whether or not you need a highly skilled writer or a legendary but imperfect one, your next phase is to determine the right fit for the project. There are multiple considerations at this time: length of project, subject matter, voice, style, format, and timeline. Think carefully about each of these before you approach any freelance writers.

Try to find writers who have worked on projects similar to what you are hoping to accomplish. This is not to say that a sports diet article writer can’t write an article upon eating habits for healthy skin — most writers are comfortable with researching and writing on a wide variety of subjects. However , make sure you find freelance writers who have worked on projects of similar length, focus, and voice.
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3. Interview Multiple Freelance Writers

The best way to feel comfortable finding a freelance writer is to interview multiple candidates and get a sense of what’s available — a benchmark by which you are able to understand what is available, and what different writers charge for different skill levels. Of course , it will be up to you to determine skill level (nobody will admit they are unskilled — usually even to themselves! ). Your freelance writer interviews will even help you assess how well you communicate with each candidate. Excellent communication between you and your writer is key to an effective project.

4. Ask for Writing Samples

Any good freelance writer will have an arsenal of writing samples they could show you to prove their worth and experience as writers. Be aware, however , that you won’t be able to tell if the articles have been edited delete word. As a professional editor, I can tell you that will some articles I’ve worked on appear entirely different after I’m completed with them! If a writer takes credit score for the resulting article, that’s their prerogative — after all, it’s the writer’s name that appears on the article. Just be aware that editing — heavy editing — happens.

5. Ask for Test Copy

The best way to determine whether a writer is truly the right fit for the project is to ask for a sample of written material pertaining to your project. Be aware that some writers will charge for this — especially the more professional ones. A great approach is to hire a freelancer writer to write a smaller article or project before moving on to your bigger project. That way you know for sure what kind of writer you are hiring and regardless of whether that writer can produce the kind of articles you need.

6. Keep In Touch

Maintain normal contact with your freelance writer throughout the project. If the assignment is a particularly long or difficult 1, you may want to set regular milestones at which you assess the writer’s progress and ensure the direction of the project is not really lost.

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