The Case For Custom Furniture

Over time shopping habits of consumers in the area of furnishings for their home, have strayed more and more away from their local craftsmen plus custom furniture makers limiting on their own to just the selection available at their local retail stores like Ikea or Wal-Mart. To read more information on Custom made furniture uae3 look into our own web page.
Not long ago, the option of buying a desk for the office or dresser for your bed room was available only at your local furniture maker. The opportunity to have furniture made custom to your liking and style was made available by the craftsman, and they would service any problems you may have had with that furniture and also offered an additional service of maintaining that will furniture when it got scratched or damaged in moving.

Where many consumers have been trained into convinced that mega-manufactured paper cut out designed home furniture is their only option. This can be a persuasion piece to let them know there are other options and are most of the time, MORE economical compared to $300 desk they can get at Ikea.

Mass produced furniture is an assembly line product. 1 designer, not native to your area (i. e. unfamiliar with local design tastes), first tries to decide what everyone in that retail store’s audience will like. They make the prototype and the marketing team chooses on that style. From that prototype a manufacturer will start to create compromises in the original design of the particular furniture piece so that it can be mass produced, delivered in pieces and assembled by the consumer once they get it home.

The particular mega chain stores need to make a nice margin on their furniture so that they can pay the designer, the assembly range workers, the logistics personnel, the particular executives, etc …. so they are going to make use of the cheapest materials possible. Most of the time the pressed particle board (wood chips held together with glue) with a label over the top of the particle board giving the piece the appearance of wooden or whatever material they are endeavoring to emulate.

This need for high margin leads to poor quality of a furniture piece that will rarely survives one move from it’s original location, let alone 2 . Also, these pieces for the furniture are manufactured not in the US, nor may be the material purchased in the us. Most of the time these “designed for you” pieces are manufactured in Indonesia or China.

This is not a case for all consumers to contact me to make all of their furniture when they have been in the market for a piece for their house, as I simply don’t have that much period on my hands. This is a case to persuade consumers to contact their particular local craftsman first who supply custom furniture services. Consumers how to start that there exists skilled furniture makers in almost every city that are outstanding at their trade and will use you to provide a custom design particular to you.

Consumers have available to them somebody who will help them design a piece. The craftsman will let them choose the exact material they want to use and if the material is not available or viable for a piece, will help them select the appropriate material. Will give you a solid part of heirloom quality furniture that is durable and can easily last 20, sixty or even over 100 years making the additional price you pay for the item well worth it over the pre-canned cheap alternative at the store. Most importantly, this really is designed by a local craftsman in your local economy. Even if you select a furniture maker out of state to make your items, you’re still employing an American labor force to furnish your home. That local craftsman is also available to service the particular furniture for any scrapes and scratches you will get from normal everyday use

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