Bladeless Laser Eye Surgery – Things You Need to Know About This Type of Refractive Surgery

Lasik is very common nowadays to cure any refractive disorders; and also this will be chosen by most because this may help in retrieving the vision you needed when you were younger. Many resolve to this type of vision correction since this is the most effective in eye surgeries; in addition you could already achieve results in much lesser time than the standard eyesight surgery. One type of laser eye surgery that is really famous is Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, or preferably known as LASER EYE SURGERY eye surgery. This has recently replaced the famous PRK laser eye surgery; the foundation of all eye surgeries that uses laser technology to correct and improve your vision. Typically, laser eye surgery will be labeled as “bladeless” as this type of refractive surgery requires very minimal knife use only.

What usually happens during laser eye surgeries?
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Before you can actually undergo procedure, you must first find yourself a good ophthalmologist (eye doctor) in which you are comfortable with. Then, your doctor would examine if you are able to go through LASIK eye surgery. Your doctor would not allow you to undergo LASIK if you have a thin cornea lining, instead, your physician would p refer you to occupy PRK laser surgery. After evaluation and you are a likely candidate, your own eye doctor would let you sit in a reclining chair where your own eye will receive anesthetic falls to help ease any discomfort during the surgery. Then, your doctor will use an instrument to keep your eyes open throughout the surgery as this is required. A special cutting tool called microkeratome is then utilized to cut a very thin and little flap in your eye so the laserlight could penetrate effectively in your cornea. A computer is used to precisely position the laser in place so it could start sending pulses of lighting to reshape your cornea. The particular cut flap is folded in place immediately after enough tissue has been removed.

During the surgery, you would encounter only very little or no discomfort in any way. Also you should keep your focus on the light so the laser could do the job efficiently. What’s great relating to this bladeless laser eye surgery is that you would be able to go back home right after it is done; but your doctor would most definitely require you to take a week or two off from your job to avoid putting some trauma on your lately corrected eye. Also some side effects would be experienced like:

Seeing glares
Eyesight fluctuation
Dry eyes
having problems in seeing during night
These effects are normal and usually lasts only a couple of months. Nevertheless , it might help ease these discomforts by taking the medications prescribed by your eye doctor. Also take note that will 48 hours after the surgery, you are required to go back and consult your doctor. This is to know if whether your attention has reacted properly to the surgical procedure. There is also a type of bladeless laser surgical treatment, a breakthrough actually in the group of refractive surgery; this is referred to as wavefront LASIK surgery. You would undergo by means of almost the same procedure but you would no longer experience the side effects mentioned above. For all those with thin cornea linings, you happen to be an unlikely candidate to go through LASIK surgery; instead, you are redirected to PRK laser surgery. This is effective also, but you would experience lengthier healing time and it is less efficient compared to other modern laser eyesight correction surgeries (this still is better than the standard eye operations though).

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