What to Look For in a Foundation Contractor

Foundation Repair is a specialty service. There are many handyman services, pest control services, etc. that may offer what seem to be competent products and solutions, but are often not Engineer certified. Some things to put on your check list:

1 – At least a Class B Contractor. This means they make over a certain amount in gross receipts.
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Class A is a higher amount, so it will mean they are a larger company. This doesn’t mean they are necessarily any better than a Class B… larger just means they got more money from customers, and maybe not even in the area with which you are concerned (foundation repairs). Also, a larger company may not provide you the personal service you want, or has independent estimators that aren’t really attached well to the company (any may not communicate well about your job!).

2 – Structural Engineer Certified products and installation. Your home’s foundation is a vital part of the value and operation of your home. Any solutions for repairs need to take into account many engineering factors, such as typical load, footing configurations, etc.

3 – Masonry work. If your home is wood frame and siding, ignore this one. If you have any brick or block, chances are there will need to be repairs, tuck-pointing, brick replacement etc. done after the foundation has been repaired. Your foundation may be stable now, but it might still look bad, with big cracks running down the wall!

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