Private Investigator Tools – Hunting Somebody by Use of His Driver License Info

How do private or criminal investigators track down a person if he is nowhere to be found? How do you find your old buddy from high school whom you have not seen in 10 years? A good place to start is the state’s driver license database.

Many states issue driver licenses. The name; address; date of birth; physical characteristics such as height, weight, eye and hair color; and sometimes social security number are included in a driver license. Depending on the state, social security numbers are not being used as much on licenses but are kept on file on the state’s database.

A driver license is perhaps one of the best known sources for identifying an individual. However, with the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), only licensed private detectives and government entities are privileged to acquire such sensitive information on an individual.

If you are searching for a name, you will find that many states’ databases require some basic data on the person especially if you are searching for somebody with a “John Smith” type name. You will need at minimum not only his name but also a numerical identifier such as his date of birth and/or social security number.

Driver license information is valuable information. It is very helpful in finding somebody or in verifying that you tracked down the right John Smith. Many states have legislation that requires drivers who are licensed in their state to report a change of address within 30 days of moving. But who does this anyway? Nobody does. Technically, those who do not register their new address are breaking the law. However, when the driver license is renewed, the most current address is most likely used.

Many states frown upon the use of a post office box or a postal mailbox as an address on a driver license. If law enforcement or private investigators have at least this much, they can begin their hunt for the person in question.

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