Paintball Gun Pistols – Which Caliber of Pistol Should You Get?

In the 90’s as new technology entered the paintball sport, paintball pistols became less sought after. These 12 gram co2 powered markers just weren’t the latest and greatest. Most players wanted semi-auto markers that could shoot more rounds with a bigger air source. Skip ahead to present time and you’ll find that paintball players have gotten their fix on the newer technology, and are looking for a trusty paintball pistol to act as a backup for their primary marker. The jump back into scenario/woods play has also helped rebirth life into the pistol market.

Today, paintball has become a sport of many calibers. There literally are multiple size rounds in use today. You can find paintball guns designed to shoot these specific calibers – even paintball pistols. The two most commonly used rounds for paintball pistols are.43 and.68 caliber rounds. Most paintball gun pistols in use today use either of these rounds.

When determining which caliber paintball gun pistol is right for you (.
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43 or.68), you must consider a number of factors. Firstly,.43 caliber pistols will get more shots out of a 12 gram co2 cartridge. This is due to the smaller weight and size of ammo, as less gas is needed to expel the projectile. However, the smaller the ammo the more susceptible it is to air resistance and wind.

When deciding which size of paintball gun pistol is right for you, you should weigh the features you seek most. Some players prefer the smaller .43 caliber round paintball pistols, as they feel they resemble the real deal the most. In their minds a pistol shoots smaller rounds, and should be slightly inferior to their main marker for the sake of realism. Others prefer the heaver.68 caliber rounds because they don’t particularly want to buy 2 different sizes of paintballs to play. Whatever your preferences are, be sure to get the paintball gun pistol that matches you.

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