What You Need To Do To Become A Gas Safe Installer

Like most accreditation’s, becoming “Gas Safe” certified has its prerequisites. This article should give you some insights into the steps needed in order to get your certification.

To get certified and registered as Gas Safe you will need to have passed certain ACS gas training courses to demonstrate your competency with various types of gas lines and apparatus. There are gas training centers that offer assessments for each level of certification.

This sounds simple but it actually requires a bit more than just taking gas training courses and then applying to get certified. The law requires that you spend some time actually putting into practice what you’ve learned before allowing you to receive your Gas Safe certification. In order to do this you are required to spend time working with others who have already received their certifications. There is absolutely no way around having the workplace experience. Without it you will not become certified.

You must also have already been certified in some areas but, without both of these you will not be able to get work with any reputable company.
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With this in mind be prepared to take on any course listed as a prerequisite by the assessment centers; some of these even offer these courses as well as the gas training course. All of these combined will make you infinitely more employable

The hardest part for most gas engineer hopefuls seems to be finding a certified gas engineer to work alongside to receive the workplace experience required by law. This can be circumvented by finding a local center that will give you the hands on practical training. This training will count as experience when the time comes to apply for your “Gas Safe” status.

Upon entering the ACS gas training program you will be categorized. There are three categories but the main focus of most of these types of classes is on the category three entrants. These are the ones with a lot of experience and are interested in a career change.

As an entrant rated at category three you are asked to seek to obtain all of the necessary training and experience required to be considered an NVQ in gas services installation. You have to reach level 2-3 of this training to apply to be upgraded to a category two student.

Find gainful employment with a registered installer who has a record that is clearly auditable; this will be needed when you prepare your evidentiary portfolio. Most training facilities ask that you complete at least 140 days of on the job work before they will let you move ahead. If you already have the NVQ you are only required to do 70 days of this type of training as a refresher.

The types of experience you will need include the following:

Install or exchange various gas appliances

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