Can Non-Lethal Personal Protection Defend Family, Home, And Business?

Personal protection comes in all “shapes and sizes”. For this article I’ll discuss non-lethal personal protection. The sole purpose of non-lethal protection is to give you valuable extra time to safely escape.

As effective as today’s law enforcement is, even they will concede they can’t be everywhere 24/7! The purpose of personal protection is to defend yourself, your loved ones, home, and business.

The rising rate of violent attacks, the publicity and media coverage of such crimes, and the reasoning, “if it’s good enough for the police, it’s good enough for me”, has led more and more law- abiding citizens to rely on personal protection devices.

The most popular non-lethal personal protection is the self- defense spray. There are three basic chemical compounds used in self- defense sprays, CS, CN, and OC (oleo resin capsicum). OC is the newest of the three, by far the most effective, and the only one that should be considered for personal protection today.

OC is a natural chemical, a derivative of various hot pepper plants. For this reason OC sprays are often called “pepper sprays”. CS and CN are both manmade chemicals and are identified as being possible carcinogens with documented long- term skin and toxic reaction. OC has not been found to be toxic in any way and will not harm tissue. The effects of OC take about 20-30 minutes to wear off, and the assailant makes a complete recovery and suffers no harmful side effects.

The biggest advantage of personal defense sprays is their ability to keep the assailant a safe distance from the intended victim, while disabling and stopping the attack. Most defense sprays have a range of 8-20 feet and will stop an attacker within seconds. Mist and Fogger sprays make it possible to lay down a protective defense barrier which the assailant must pass through to get to the victim. These are very good for multiple assailants and home and business defense.

Other advantages of personal protection sprays include:

1. Small, convenient size, easy to carry.

2. Non-lethal, no permanent effects.

3. Easy to use, just point and shoot.

4. No extended training required.

5. No psychological fear of hurting/killing someone.

Overall, the OC personal defense spray is the best non-lethal personal protection available today.
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Sprays can stop an attacker as effectively as a firearm without the deadly consequences. Their use is not considered deadly force and a permit usually is not required to carry them.

As Crime Information Specialists, our job is to protect yourself, loved ones, home and business.

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