Things You Probably Never Knew About Bodyguards

Thanks to the movies when we hear the term bodyguard the first thing that comes to mind is Kevin Costner. After that you probably think of presidential bodyguards that engage in shootouts and fights with spies and assassins. However, the real job of a bodyguard is containing a little bit of risk is much more practical. Bodyguards are implemented across the globe to protect both high and low profile individuals.

The definition of a bodyguard is fairly easy, a trained security guard who is assigned with the specific duty of protecting one individual. These guards are hired to protect high profile people like politicians, actors, musicians and other celebrities or low profile people like heads of banks, corporations or other industrial firms.
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Any individual or group of individuals that feel they are victims to the possibility of assassinations, kidnappings, assault and robbery look to bodyguards to provide them with peace of mind.

These dangers put the guard at risk and as a result they need to be specially trained in order to be prepared to face any number of security threats.

There are a slew of hazardous incidents that a bodyguard might face on any given day. In order to successfully combat these issues the guard needs to be prepared. The number one task on anyone in the personal protection industry is planning and preparation. Being prepared is the most important step to take in order to avoid potential security threats. Part of a bodyguard’s duty is to plan the schedule of their clients when they enter public space. The guard needs to know exactly when and where their client will be at all times. They will account for every last detail. Bodyguards will conduct research on all the places their client travels to and be prepared for any sudden changes in plans. When a bodyguard is doing his or her job correctly they will never be surprised because every movement and decision should be planned out well in advance.

On any given day the tasks of a bodyguard can include being posted a static position watching over their client and guarding against potential threats. Bodyguards work long hours and it is not uncommon for them to work double shifts. While most bodyguards are never forced to deal with the high level of security threats they are trained to deal many are challenged with significant security threats on a daily basis. In order to stay ready a guard must be prepared to drive evasively, engage in physical violence or gunfire or any other combinations of things to keep their client safe. While it is not as glamorous a job as it is made out to be in the movies it is none the less a noble profession that protects people from harm.

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